A downloadable style test for Windows

Welcome to Lynnwood, New Hampshire! This is a very short style test created during the first month of the 2019 Haunted PS1 Summer Spooks game jam. It was developed mostly to try to code mechanics similar to the original Silent Hill, and to have a little fun with visuals. If you play the game and don't enjoy it there's no need to tell me! Thanks.

Press "Start" (with a controller) or "Tab" (with a keyboard) to see the controls. Press "F11" to toggle fullscreen (default is off).

If you run into any bugs I'd be happy to know about them. I know about the visual change when exiting the visitor center, though, so disregard that.

Playtime: ~2 minutes

Updated 24 days ago
Release date 55 days ago
Made withGodot
TagsHorror, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller, Joy-Con


LynnwoodWindows.zip 49 MB


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There's the makings of something really interesting here! There's the potential for a creepy Silent Hill-style game and I'd like to see you make it!

Played it alongside some other Jam games! (your game starts at 28:03)

Would love get a full game out of this with real thought put into it

While I can't say it is good, I think you are on to something with this. I hopw to see more games from you.

Deleted post

Very atmospheric and brings nostalgia, would love to see the game expanded upon like use of the weapon key, and that static guy outside of the map. Only glitch I encountered was if you went inside then went back outside the fog goes away.

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ok the end is really funny ,but why is there glitchy man inside the house with text that says : get out , oh he is otside of the interior too.

here is the video i made for it.. i got SO confused but would love to see a jumpscare added or something lol

Have you ever heard the expression "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't send someone your video calling their game 'so stupid' multiple times"?

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Easy I was jus playin around.. I seriously thought it was ment to be a stupid fun game..the ending is kind of asinine in all reality.. you put the game up as if it was genuinely  scary..  sorry.

No worries, Jax. For context: I had one month to make this game start-to-finish. I had a good idea for a real story but it was waaaay too big to do everything within one month, so I decided to model a few environments, code most of the mechanics, and then add a little flavor text when you interact with things. It wasn't until the final day that I decided to add an ending, and I went with something silly. I don't particularly like jump scares, though I guess I could have done that rather than the "Congrats! You're in hell!" message.

Try Hollow Head (https://rubeki.itch.io/hollow-head) for some good scares, or Lost in the Backrooms (https://jan-malitschek.itch.io/lost-in-the-backrooms) or Albion (https://nancyadamsusan.itch.io/albion) for some really great atmospheric horror. Sleep Cycles (https://kurethedead.itch.io/sleep-cycles) also has a great atmosphere, but the platforming can be frustrating (which is very appropriate for a PS1 3D platformer). All these games are a lot longer than mine and are really good. I haven't gotten around to playing the other games from the jam, but check them out here: https://itch.io/jam/the-haunted-ps1-summer-spooks/entries

I'm really interested in Groaning Steal, Two Atmospheric Atrocities, and Please.

thanks dude. I'll check em out later. I'll choose one to play for today