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7:5 is a minimalist puzzle game with a horror theme that I made for My First Game Jam, which is both the name of the jam and, from my perspective, an accurate description of the jam. This is actually the first game I've ever developed!

The game is supposed to teach you how to play through trial-and-error, so there isn't really any overt explanation of the mechanics. Explore and try things out! (Note: Audio cues can be really helpful.)

I recommend you play in fullscreen, you can press "9" anytime to toggle it.


WASD or arrow keys: Movement

E: Use pickup

R: Reset room (this is useful if you get stuck, which is possible!)

Esc: Pause game

1, 2, 3, 4, and 5: Change resolution

9: Toggle fullscreen

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Published1 year ago
Tagschiptune, Horror, minimalism, Minimalist, myfirstgamejam, Pixel Art
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

To run the game download the zip, unzip it, then run 7_5.exe.


7_5.zip (12 MB)

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